“Agile in Facilitation” training 28.02-02.03.19

We would like to invite you to the workshops titled “Agile in Facilitation”, which will be organised on the Barge in Krakow on 28.02-02.03.19

For whom?

Our training is dedicated to anyone who wants to work with groups using Agile philosophy, especially to people holding the following roles:

  • Scrum Masters
  • Agile Coaches
  • Product Owners
  • Managers

Objectives of the workshop:

  • Learning about facilitations and the role of facilitator in working with groups
  • Providing practical experience of facilitation
  • Becoming familiar with the ways of coping with difficult situations related to working with a group
  • Presenting practical tools which help the group come up with an agenda, build involvement and achieve the predefined goals

Outcomes for the participants:

After the Agile Facilitation training, the participant will:

  • know what facilitation is and be familiar with its modes,
  • know the role of the facilitator and leader during a meeting,
  • be able to come up with a proper agenda to match the needs and objectives of the group,
  • be aware of processes happening in the group and will be able to recognise them,
  • know the effective feedback formula and will know how to use it,
  • understand the process and origin of conflict,
  • know how to support the group in the decision-making process.





Contact: grzegorz.ciok@pathways.com.pl

“Agile in Facilitation” training 28.02-02.03.19