Closed workshops

Closed facilitation trainings:

Facilitation is the ability to work with the participants and with the group process, until the group becomes autonomous in overcoming challenges and solving problems. Conducting the process of facilitation requires individual maturity, courage and trust –  in yourself and in the group process. The tools used  by the facilitator are important, but what is crucial in the approach to working with people is self-awareness and the ability  to recognise and respond to group phenomena.

Pathways facilitators and trainers have been designing and conducting developmental processes in Polish and English since 1997. They work with groups up to a few hundred people and organise programmes for business, for business trainers and facilitators, social organisations, educational and public institutions.

What distinguishes us from other companies is the focus on:

  • learning through experience
  • self-awareness and authenticity in working with people
  • courage, finding support in yourself and trust in your own skills
  • empathy for yourself and for others
  • effectiveness in relations

We develop facilitation skills during closed trainings for companies. When preparing the trainings, we focus on the specific needs of the participants and the expectations related to their roles in the organisations. The preparation for the workshops is of primary importance to us, which is why we devote a lot of time to obtain as much information as possible in advance.

Our portfolio includes facilitation trainings for: Trainers, Managers, HR Business Partners and many different roles  in IT teams. The duration of the training depends on the client’s needs and capability; such trainings have usually lasted between 2 and 7 days.

The closed workshop programmes focus on various applications of facilitation, depending on the client’s needs. The areas explored during our facilitation trainings include: increasing the effectiveness of the meetings, effective workshops, changing the management style to make it more engaging and encouraging greater accountability.

Closed workshops