Work Style Analyser (WSA)

Szkolenie otwarte

The Work Style Analyser (WSA) questionnaire helps:

  • Identify strengths and potential areas for improvement for individuals, teams and leaders.
  • Create development plans.
  • In the situation of professional burnout and motivational crisis.
  • Optimise the effectiveness of a team by boosting the integrity, mutual understanding and respect.
  • Identify and stop the “escape” of key personnel and high potential employees.
  • Avoid errors in recruitment decisions.
  • Facilitate the communication in managing teams.

WSA reveals lots of information in a single test. The information  pertains to how a person functions at work:

  • What they find motivating;
  • How they manage other people;
  • How they build relations and what is their social attitude at work;
  • What is their way of thinking about tasks at work and where they direct their attention;
  • How they manage tasks and how they respond to workload;
  • What roles they assume in team work;
  • How they feel when faced with change and how they respond to changes;
  • What is their preferred learning style.
Work Style Analyser (WSA)