Agnieszka Marlinska

Agnieszka Marlinska


A trainer and coach. She works according to the ICF principles – she’s a member of ICF Global, awaiting the evaluation of her accreditation. Together with others, she creates interdisciplinary teams that implement projects related to career development, strategic support of Polish entrepreneurs, human resources management, commerce, health and local government.


“While developing your business, you develop yourself and your competences; thus you become not only a company manager, but also a manager of yourself and your environment.” In her practice, she has completed more than 500 hours of coaching, in both individual and group sessions.

“I work on satisfaction with life – my own and other people’s.” In individual coaching she reinforces the position of leaders, and by defining goals she helps them regain harmony and energy in business.

She has conducted coaching processes and development trainings for such clients as: Agencja Detektywistyczna Joker, Agros Nova, Allegro, Cisowianka, Concordia, Dream Team, Komputronik, Owens Illinois, Zakłady Drobiarskie Koziegłowy,, Voltrim. She’s also worked for legal offices, architects, public administration and NGOs. Thanks to her extensive practice, she feels comfortable when working even with the most demanding clients.

Since 2005 she’s been running her own business. Together with her clients, she improves the application of management skills and innovative business models. She has guided more than 20 entrepreneurs in the process of consolidating their own enterprises and projects. She has also trained more than 500 sales representatives from various sectors. She is also passionately involved in the development of Clean coaching in Poland. She participates in the research organised by Adam Mickiewicz University as regards the effectiveness of using metaphors in coaching and career development. She has majored in professional coaching at Leon Koźmiński Academy, psychology at the University of Łódź and the Polish School of Clean Coaching. She’s a graduate of numerous trainings developing various skills: managing innovation, working with metaphors, business system settings, process-oriented psychology, standards for age management, Job-coaching.

She’s cooperated with Pathways since 2013.