Cisco Systems Poland

We’ve been cooperating with Pathways since 2015 – over this time we have completed two major training and development projects. The first one –  the leadership programme – is dedicated to top management at CISCO Systems Inc. in Krakow, whereas the other one – the interpersonal skills development –  is designed for all the company employees in Krakow.

Within the leadership programme, which is currently under way, various actions have been implemented so far, such as: studying the needs via shadowing, individual coaching with the use of Work Style Analyser forms, team coaching sessions, training in managerial coaching skills, the Leadership Development Intensive course.

During interpersonal training, various areas are tackled, such as: “Interpersonal communication”, “The Art of Presentation”, “Assertiveness”, “Coping with a difficult client”, “Speaking in Public”, “Innovativeness and non-standard thinking”.

We are very happy with the cooperation with Pathways so far. We particularly appreciate their high involvement in achieving the programme objectives and the high competences of the Pathways trainers and facilitators. Furthermore, their openness to non-standard working methods and the ability to adapt to our needs is a major element of our successful cooperation.

Piotr Kozaryn,

Manager Advanced Services , Cisco Systems Poland

Cisco Systems Poland