It is with great pleasure that we recommend Pathways Polska Sp. z o.o.: in November 2011 the company prepared and conducted a workshop in personal development and leadership for DHL EXPRESS (POLAND). The workshop was dedicated to 50 employees.

The offer was presented in a reliable manner and it was fully implemented after the consulting sessions and thorough preparation on the part of Pathways Polska. The specific order included a subject matter, whose time frame was strictly defined during a conference. The participants included 50 internal trainers working on all levels of the structure and having highly diverse experience. The objective of the workshop was to motivate the participants to continue their involvement and to assume personal responsibility for the implementation of the global training programme.

We would particularly like to stress the substantive preparation and involvement of the Pathways Polska trainers. The workshop was implemented as per our expectations and it received positive feedback from the participants. The subject  was selected to match the high expectations and the special nature of the target group –  this is why the service fulfilled our expectations.

We would really like to recommend cooperation with Pathways Polska as a reliable and competent business partner for training projects.

Tomasz Kowalewski

Senior Trainer for DHL EXPRESS (POLAND)