GATX Rail Europe

GATX Rail Europe

I participated in the individual workshop conducted by Magda Sekuła-Lemberger “Working with voice.” I worked on the speaking technique, self-presentation, but most of all I wanted to learn how to use and take advantage of my voice… naturally. Magda showed me how to contain and control my voice and breath, how to find the natural tone of my voice. I believe that using your voice consciously is helpful when delivering presentations, talking and in everyday communication. I can recommend Magda’s workshop in “Working with voice.”

Adam Butryn

Commercial Director, GATX Rail Europe

We cooperate with Pathways on individual trainings (Leadership Intensive, etc.) and when organising team trainings (developing managerial competences) and we can recommend Pathways to all companies which prioritise the development and growth of their employees.

Pathways is a reliable and competent business partner as regards the organisation and design of trainings. What distinguishes Pathways from many other training offers available on the market is perfect diagnosis, creativity and customised, individually designed products.

Marta Bialik-Kowalczyk

HR Coordinator, GATX Rail Europe

GATX Rail Europe