Play P4

On 1 December 2015 Pathways conducted a workshop for 40 employees of P4 (Play operator). The workshop was designed to increase the level of cooperation among our teams.

Before the training, the Pathways facilitators diagnosed the situation using the ProReal platform. 5 sessions were conducted (for each team separately), each session lasted ca. 2 hours. The materials from the session were summarised  in a film, shown during the workshop and used in a discussion. The outcome of the workshop was coming up with rules for communication and mutual treatment.

The workshop was prepared and conducted as per our expectations, both as regards the content and organisation.

The participants spoke very highly of the meeting, with particular praise given to the professional attitude of the facilitators: Mr Dariusz Paluch and Mr Michał Wizental. It was also appreciated that the workshop matched the participants’ needs and requirements.

The cooperation during the workshop was efficient, reliable and timely. Both the organisation and the manner of conducting the workshop were not only perfect, but produced lots of positive impression, which is why we can recommend Pathways as a reliable and professional training partner.

Katarzyna Chabior HR Business Partner

Play P4