ROPS Poznań

I hereby confirm that on 15 December 2015 Pathways Polska Sp z o.o with the seat in Krakow (30-118), ul. Leona Wyczółkowskiego 10/2, conducted a workshop for 10 people employed by the Regional Social Policy Centre in Poznań, as part of the Operational Programme Human Capital system project. The workshop was titled:

Group process dynamics – working with a group based on the group process.

The workshop was conducted by Izabela Szczepaniak-Wiecha. The trainer showed great substantial knowledge and she managed to establish very good contact with the group.

The goal of the workshop was to gain the knowledge and skills related to the group process, to learn about and practise the ways and methods of working with a group. What was also important was that the participants had the opportunity to experience the issues related to the projection mechanism and to understand and show empathy to the colleagues from the group.

The workshop organised by Pathways Polska Sp. z o.o. is highly commendable. It conformed to the expectations formulated by the ROPS Centre in Poznań and included great substantive content and perfect organisation.

Wojciech Zarzycki  Deputy Director of ROPS in Poznań

ROPS Poznań