We’ve been cooperating with Pathways since 2005 on numerous development projects addressed mainly to the managerial staff and high potentials.

I would describe our cooperation with Pathways as a partnership and a trust-based relationship. This is a trust built over the years of working together, when we had the opportunity to get to know one another quite well.

We are very happy with the cooperation and its outcomes. The company shows high involvement in their projects; the trainers are professionals, their attitude is open and creative, they can skilfully diagnose the client’s needs and offer a customised solution. This is possible mainly because of the immense experience the Pathways consultants have in working with people and because of their versatile skills.

Wiesława Czarnecka-Stańczyk

HR Director

Our team experiences changes which require a different approach to the needs of the whole sector, rather than just a single department. In order to implement this change, we need open communication –  greater curiosity and the willingness to listen to other points of view. We decided to prepare a visualisation of the team using the ProReal tool –  this was our projection of how we perceive the team “here and now” at the time of the change. Working with visualisation was a major challenge for us. The more complete picture we received, the more questions and self-reflections we had…  At the same time we had increasing doubts as to whether we should share this picture.

However, we decided to use the saved picture to initiate a sincere, open conversation with our employees – regarding the status quo and the current situation in our team. And it was a great decision. Sharing this image was a catalyst that sparked an open discussion. Using ProReal helped us understand where we are.

Mariusz Kondraciuk, SIEMENS –  EM industry