School of facilitation

Pathways Facilitation Programme is a course which can help you become a certified facilitator.,This is the opportunity to learn practical facilitation skills.

Our programme combines facilitation tools and the group process, developing basic facilitation skills as described by John Heron, such as : revealing emotions, confrontation, appreciation, structuring, assigning meaning and planning. We discuss the skillful balancing between the knowledge of and following the group process and using the tools, structures and tasks.

We emphasise the preparation of a facilitator before the very activity – we teach the participants to form a three-way contract among the client, group and the facilitator. We expand the knowledge on the stages of team development and on resistance, experiencing everything on our own, because Pathways method involves learning by doing, which results in better understanding of the group dynamics. We devote a lot of attention to the role of the facilitator; from our perspective his/her particular function is to reduce the tension in a group and minimise the fear, because only then can involvement and creative thinking appear. We learn to recognise the symptoms of resistance, its informative function and constructive ways of dealing with it.

The school is divided into three parts – beginning (building trust and openness), central part (work with resistance) and ending (bridge between the workshops and work).

Theoretical lectures – prepared also by the participants – to complete their knowledge.

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School of facilitation