Team Development

The programme is dedicated to teams that face problems with communication, stemming from internal processes or attitudes and behaviour.  This programme may help managers build cooperation with their own teams and between teams in more complex structures.

Our activities are designed so that they can be used in big and small teams on various organisational levels, also in managing teams.

Team Development is composed of three parts:

  • Diagnosing the problems and needs
  • Facilitated workshop
  • Follow-up

Objectives and outcomes:

  • Defining the “as is” situation in our team: describing the cooperation, including the good and bad practice (the material obtained during the diagnosis will be useful).
  • Coming up with a vision of cooperation.
  • Speaking out about all the difficult subjects, taboos, stating the needs and mutual expectations.
  • Defining specific actions in order to improve the quality of cooperation and communication.
  • Defining the plan for implementing and monitoring the defined recommendations.
  • Building the foundations in order to create the atmosphere of trust and mutual support.
  • Inspiration for assuming accoutnability for the qualiy of cooperation within the team.

Team Development